Sunday, November 30, 2014

More curiosities

Splash guard Even the basics have changed

Most kitchens have no oven, just a cooktop or gas burners. Keep an eye on the gas cylinder though: if you run out and have no spare, you're done cooking. 

Since most food is fried, the top of the oven lifts off and becomes a splash-guard for grease. It's easier to clean a glass or metal cooktop than the wall.

Note the spliced electric cord. We see a lot of these fixes, which would give Western electricians fits.


Monkeying around: a boy and his cycling monkey 

The youngster collects change from drivers stopped at traffic lights. When the light turns green, they scramble out of the intersection back onto the sidewalk.

This little piggy came to ... church

A life-group purchased a roasted piglet for the church potluck at IESJakarta. It was a hit - and tasty besides.

A moving van? Nope, use a motorcycle

Almost everything fits onto a motorcycle. Here, a family transports their purchase to home.

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