Sunday, November 1, 2015

New normal: cattle fodder

Where does a farmer find food for his cows?

We'd buy feed at a farm supply store or let the cows graze in a meadow, right?

Here, men and women cut 4-5' grass stalks in the jungle clearings with machetes. The grass is loaded into a frame and hoisted onto the shoulder to be walked out to the stall. If the grass is being sold, waiting motorcyclists put the frame over their shoulders and away they go = wide transportation.

Note the 2 dark heaps of grass in the frame and the tin can tied to the wood. The can acts as a speaker for the man's portable radio.

New normal: scooting through the rain

Only in the tropics...

Need a new vehicle? This motor scooter is the equivalent of a Western sports car. A two-seater, the umbrella secured to the base replaces a windshield, and its wire basket subs for a mini-trunk.

Whee! Away we go.

New normal: iced drinks

It may be hot outside, but what's in that refreshing drink?

Why think twice before ordering iced drinks from street vendors

Here an ice vendor chips blocks of ice on the littered city sidewalk before delivering it (via motorcycle) to street vendors.

New normal: what's for lunch?

Craving a little duck, pork, chicken, or beef for lunch?

What's for lunch?

(and what's in the restaurant window?)

We stroll up to a Chinese-run restaurant and there they hang: piglets, a slab of beef, ducks, and chickens. We indicate which we'd like. Yum yum.

(Surprising how quickly you get used to seeing your food "pre-plate" ...)

New normal: DIY delivery

Drywall jockey
Getting drywall supplies home ... how?

We call white wallboard "sheetrock" in Canada. Regardless, of its name, it's heavy, stinky, and easily damaged. 

We spotted this brave soul on the back of his friend's motorcycle, getting ready for some home repairs. Our lane went marginally faster in traffic so we caught a side shot as well.

New normal: civil servants - landscapers

Driving to your city job?

Another "do-you-see-what-I-see-in-traffic?" photo:

On their way to a landscaping job, these men balance their tools and themselves on the back of a pickup. Imagine this on First Avenue in Seattle or Chicago ...

Okay, maybe not.

New normal: monkey business

What did you see at your last traffic stop?

We never know what could happen at a traffic light in Indonesia. Last week we rolled down the passenger window to snap a photo of a man and his monkey.

When the light turns red, the animal walks on tall stilts or rides a bicycle in the intersection. Then the pair solicit donations, walking between cars. The handler and monkey hop onto the curb when the light turns green.

New Normal: motorcycle commute

How coordinated are you?

No car can park on these streets! Stairs climb the hills between houses – and the vehicle that gets you home is your motorcycle.

Rethink your balance, too. Old and young navigate their motors up and down the 1'-wide path between the steps.

Did you know that motorcycles can carry 4 or more people ... or cargo ranging from hundred of eggs to gas canisters to luggage to small fridges? (You name it, they transport it!)

New Normal: watch that jet!

STAY ALERT at the Bandung airport.

Look both ways at the crosswalk (oops, runway) to climb the steps to your airplane. Yup, that's a jet cruising by outside the waiting room window. (Our plane was the red one, far left.)

Attendants on each side hold up their hands like crossing guards so passengers wait ... and don't get run over by taxiing airplanes.